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Cremation or Burial


Most Victorian burial or cremation fees are set by government regulated trusts over which no funeral director has any control. Although prices vary between cemeteries, those by different funeral directors quoting for the same cemeteries should not vary. The decision between cremation and burial is the most straightforward choice you’ll make.

The most common funeral in Melbourne is the cremation service, which is cheaper and easier than a burial. A cremation fee at a Melbourne crematorium is the biggest single part of a simple funeral, and usually costs between $750 and $1050 (which may be 30%-40% of the total price of the most simple funeral packages).

A Burial service will only be as low-cost as cremation if you already own a grave. If you need to buy a grave and have it dug in the Melbourne area, burial fees at most cemeteries will start at around $3200, and can escalate rapidly. Though country areas may be available for half as much if you are willing to travel. (For the very simplest graveside burial services, the cemetery fees may be 60% or more of the total funeral cost.)

Lawn graves (with only a plaque) are the cheapest option, then headstone graves, then full monumental graves (and don’t forget the cost of gravestones or monuments which will add more thousands). Crypts in a Mausoleum often cost tens of thousands of dollars per slot (though they will not usually require much additional expensive work by stonemasons).